Bycotest D30A developer


BYCOTEST developers are designed together with the penetrants. D30plus and D30A are solvent based developers. D38 is a dry developer. All developers are non-corrosive according to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and to EN ISO 3452-2.

Note! D30 was replaced with the new and improved developer D30plus during the end of 2012. For more information, please read the Product Data Sheet below.

Clean the surface from contamination with the cleaner. Apply penetrant RP20 or RP20LT  on the investigated surface. Keep 5 – 60 minutes. Remove excess penetrant from the surface with water or a clean, lint-free cloth moistened with a prenetrant cleaner (penetrant remover). Drying. Recommended dry product natural evaporation or forced – warm air up to 50 ° C; do not use compressed air. Spray a developer D30А or D30plus by thin even layer from a distance of about 20 cm on a dry surface. Preliminary examination of the product can be started immediately after the application developer to better interpret the shape and size of the defect. Basic survey carried out after the complete drying of the developer. Inspection area should have adequate lighting (not less than 50 lux ). Discontinuity surface will appear as a red indication on a white background. Note: If the developer layer will be very thick, indicating the penetrant can be low visibility.

Packaging: 400 ml aerosol cans (12 cans per box)
Shelf life: 48 months from date of manufacture when stored under proper conditions.
Storage: store in a dry place with a temperature range of +5 … + 25 ° C and away from direct sunlight.